What users of our driving school software are saying

I canceled and rescheduled classes for the schools that had been closed today in five minutes from my couch this morning. I loved it. It would have taken me a few hours to do that (in the other software). Emails are already sent as well. I don't know what to do with myself now on snow days! lol

  ~Maribeth Wormsbacher, Owner
Michigan Driving Schools
Roseville, MI

Do your research. When I first bought the driving school in 2020, we had no software-still using paper and pencil to keep track of everything. When I started looking for software companies, few were out there. I should have done more research. I encountered errors after using the software from the first company I chose. To get support or help with issues, I would have to submit a ticket. Sometimes it would take weeks or even months for my ticket to get looked at. Even after they closed my ticket, sometimes my problems would still not be fixed; I would then have to submit another ticket and wait. Communication was difficult.

In early December, our enrollments were down. I just thought it was the time of year. After doing some more digging, I realized that our website was not even taking enrollments. No one could even enroll! This was a significant issue that should have been fixed right away. I had to submit a ticket and wait.

I finally got so frustrated I started looking for other software companies just before Christmas 2022. It has been night and day since I signed up with Driver's Ed Solutions. I was up and running in less than four weeks.I can call and talk to a real person on the phone at Driver's Ed Solutions. Their software also actually works without any issues. Refreshing.

I am so happy that I have found Maria and her team at Driver's Ed Solutions. They are so helpful and amazing. I wish I had found them years ago, and our business would have benefited from their software so much. Switching from one software to another is a lot of work. Driver's Ed Solutions will help you every step of the way and train all your employees for you. The other company did not help us train our employees, and the training I received from them for myself was very minimal.

If you are considering switching because you're tired of poor customer service or a new company looking for a software solution for your driving school, Driver's Ed Solutions is the way to go. Don't be like me and wait for the big issues and problems to happen. Follow your gut; my gut told me for a while that something was not right. I just was not ready to actually believe it.

  ~Maribeth Wormsbacher, Owner
Michigan Driving Schools LLC
Roseville, MI

Buckle Up Driving School in East Machias Maine went live in January of 2023, and I wish we would have called Drivers Ed Solutions sooner. My experience with Driver's Ed Solutions has revolutionized by business, and the feedback from parents has all been positive. Maria and the team are knowledgeable, quick to respond, and the training I received was top notch. Thank you!!

  ~Steven Libby, Owner
Buckle Up Driving School
East Machias, ME

South Summit School District has been using Drivers Ed Solutions for the past year, and it's been spectacular! It's made scheduling our students easy with little confusion. Students are made aware of their upcoming scheduled dates and can be blocked if they develop a habit of not showing (I love that little additional feature, for sure!). Maria Herbert (the director of DES) is fabulous! She's prompt in her response time and will help you navigate through any new or vague areas of the program. This is hands down the best system for scheduling student drivers on the market!

  ~Ryan McArthur, Lead Instructor
South Summit High School
Kamas, UT

Implementing the Drivers Ed Solutions software into our company has been an extreme asset.  It has proven much more efficient than our previous practice of enrolling and scheduling students. The Drivers Ed Solutions team has been extremely knowledgeable and prompt in responding to all of our questions. They enabled this major business change so there were no interruptions in service for our customers. We would highly recommend Drivers Ed Solutions to any driver education school interested in automating their practices.

  ~Kathy Wojan, Owner
Coach's Drivers Education
Avon, IN

We learned about Drivers Ed Solutions (DES) from another driving school. After a brief demo from our friends and learning about how affordable the software was, we were ready to give it a try. The DES team was very responsive and had us up and running in no time. When we started with the DES software, we had one location and three vehicles. Now, ten years later, we have three locations and 14 vehicles! DES routinely makes improvements and provides online videos to explain the new features. I highly recommend DES to anyone interested in a more efficient business process.

  ~Laurie Panacopoulos
Triad Driving Academy
Beverly, MA