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Do your research. When I first bought the driving school in 2020, we had no software-still using paper and pencil to keep track of everything. When I started looking for software companies, few were out there. I should have done more research. I encountered errors after using the software from the first company I chose. To get support or help with issues, I would have to submit a ticket. Sometimes it would take weeks or even months for my ticket to get looked at. Even after they closed my ticket, sometimes my problems would still not be fixed; I would then have to submit another ticket and wait. Communication was difficult.

In early December, our enrollments were down. I just thought it was the time of year. After doing some more digging, I realized that our website was not even taking enrollments. No one could even enroll! This was a significant issue that should have been fixed right away. I had to submit a ticket and wait.

I finally got so frustrated I started looking for other software companies just before Christmas 2022. It has been night and day since I signed up with Driver's Ed Solutions. I was up and running in less than four weeks.I can call and talk to a real person on the phone at Driver's Ed Solutions. Their software also actually works without any issues. Refreshing.

I am so happy that I have found Maria and her team at Driver's Ed Solutions. They are so helpful and amazing. I wish I had found them years ago, and our business would have benefited from their software so much. Switching from one software to another is a lot of work. Driver's Ed Solutions will help you every step of the way and train all your employees for you. The other company did not help us train our employees, and the training I received from them for myself was very minimal.

If you are considering switching because you're tired of poor customer service or a new company looking for a software solution for your driving school, Driver's Ed Solutions is the way to go. Don't be like me and wait for the big issues and problems to happen. Follow your gut; my gut told me for a while that something was not right. I just was not ready to actually believe it.

  ~Maribeth Wormsbacher, Owner
Michigan Driving Schools LLC
Roseville, MI

I must  tell you I absolutely love my website!!!!! I truly am so grateful I made the choice for DES to makeover/remodel of my website. It looks 100% better! I hope I get a chance to say thank you in person :-)

  ~Beverly Martinez, Owner
MA Driving School
Sumner, WA

I tell people all the time how much your software has literally saved my life. 

Quick story. I'm booked till late Sept, we sign up a new student, I tell the Mom how to register, click wait list. She clicked on every date and time possible, as soon as she got notification that spot was available, she booked it. Bottom line, she used the system to her benefit and got all 4 lessons done in less than 3 weeks cause we had cancellations!

  ~Todd Avery, Owner
Safe Driving Coach

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