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No hidden costs here! We pride ourselves on creating all our code in-house.
When choosing a company to handle your student data and scheduling software, make sure you know how many of their bells and whistles cost extra or are outsourced to third parties they have no control over.

We like to keep it simple. No hosting fee. No contracts. $6.25 one time per student fee* and you have all the features. Don’t limit the features you need because of price. We partner with Shift4, the industry leader in payment security. Meet with us, and we’ll share how our software can actually make you more money rather than cost you more money. You’ll be impressed.

*If services sold are less than $250, only a 2.5% fee will be charged. For example, if a customer registers for $50 road test, it will result in only a $1.25 fee (2.5% of $50 = $1.25).

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Keep your current website and simply link to a customized registration page. Includes full access to the Driver Ed Solutions scheduling software and training for you and your staff. $600

Standard Package

Get a new website with frontend database integration showing class availability and giving you complete control over editing content, pricing, and more. Includes full access to the DES scheduling software and training for you and your staff. $750

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Customized Website Template

Eight Website Pages

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Complete Website Set-Up

Website Hosting

Software Training

Tech Support

Domain-Based Email

Online Payments (Optional)

+$275 Setup

+$275 Setup

+$275 Setup

+$275 Setup

Facebook Set-Up

Google Business Set-Up

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Logo Design


Postcard Mailer


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